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Having a Mentor in your life will help you reach your Life’s Goals in ACCELERATED TIME. What others without a mentor continually stumble over, you will find yourself successfully stepping over.








As your Personal Mentor, my goal will be to help you uncover your true potential and to see you leading a life that is fulfilling and rewarding. As one who possesses a Doctorate in Theology, over 20 Years of Ministry Counselling, Over 25 Years of Successful Marriage to my wonderful husband Dr. Stacy LeMay, the mother of 4 College Excelling Children & as a personal & close mentee of the late, yet great, Pastor Ruth Ann Munroe (Wife of the late Dr. Myles Munroe). I believe that I possess the tools and strategies that are necessary to get you from under-achieving to living like the

“ROYAL QUEEN” you were created to be.

Dr. Denae LeMay

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