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If this is your desired mentoring preference, it would be one of my greatest honors to introduce you to the most important message in the world. That message is



In this Mentoring process, I will provide a higher level of support and guidance in your spiritual, practical and personal life. We will cover vulnerable areas in your life & go as far as you are comfortable. Together we will turn what would be destiny roadblocks, into destiny stepping stones. Once selecting from among the various Mentoring opportunities, I will help you in achieving either specific outcomes or simply work to enhance all areas of your life. Whichever mentoring opportunity you choose, my goal will be to help you reach your goals faster than you would have achieved walking it out alone. My Goal is to see you reach your purpose-filled & God-ordained successful end.

If you are truly committed to soaring beyond the mundane routines and are determined to live the life you were created to live, please register today to begin your life-changing, mentoring process. Your NEW LIFE is within reach… Determine to WASTE NO MORE TIME! It’s time to DEVELOP INTO THAT QUEEN you were created to be. LIVING THE ROYAL LIFE!


 Mentoring Sessions can be done both in-person and on the phone. I will also be providing small-group mentoring sessions as well. Each mentee will start with an initial assessment session in order to clearly define your short and long term goals. This is an opportunity for us to get to know each other & to assess our ability to work together.


As we discuss your goals for personal, spiritual, and professional development, it will give us a foundation for creating your successful mentoring process.

I look forward to speaking with you as we work together in helping you achieve your personal, spiritual, and professional goals.



Dr. DeNae LeMay

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